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The gardeners we work with have many years of in field experience and all the right tools & equipment to completely transform your garden. There are a lot of benefits from landscaping your home including that it significantly increases the value of your home. Moreover, it can create a healthier home by filtering pollutants and providing cleaner air. Also, it reduces the local noise. Get in touch with us now and receive the dream environment around your property!

What Can Your Garden Landscapers Do For You

Affordable Landscaping in Kensington

You’ve picked garden landscapers in Kensington who’re skilled in the following:

  • Weed membrane installation: prevents weeds and roots growing. Applied to the top layer of your soil
  • Turfing: you’ll be given a special maintenance plan to take care of your new turf once its laid
  • Removal of existing vegetation: prepare your garden for landscaping by having everything removed
  • Paving: choose the size and shape of your new patio
  • Making pathways: a path will be cleared, and then slabs put down upon it
  • Levelling: this must be done before you can have new turf or weed membranes installed
  • Gravelling: have an area cleared, and small decorative stones spread inside it
  • Fencing: choose between a standard or custom fence
  • Exterior planting: order your team to bring plants and shrubs of your choosing
  • Decking: have a new deck built using high quality materials

Can You Benefit From Our Services?

Our landscaping services in Kensington are reasonably priced and suitable for all sorts of customers:

  • Are You A Landlord? By using our services, the value of your property will increase dramatically.
  • Are You A Homeowner? Create a beautiful environment around your property now.

Hiring Kensington Landscapers - the FAQs

Reliable Gardeners in Kensington

Check out what other first-time customers have asked about the Kensington landscapers who'll be completing your upgrades below:

Q: How do you determine the cost of my service?

A: It’s based solely on how much work you want done.

Q: When will I get a final quote?

A: A short while after you’ve had a no-obligation survey and discussion with an experienced professional in your premises.

Q: When can my service be performed?

A: Your gardeners work seven days a week and can even come to you on Bank Holidays.

Q: Do you have any requirements for me?

A: Please give your team access to the garden through a side gate. Also: if you can’t be on-site to confirm your requirements, you’ll need to have given us clear instructions beforehand.

Booking Our Landscaping Services in Kensington Is Easy

You have three options when it comes to booking your landscaping services in Kensington:

  • Dial 020 3404 4470 - a polite staff will answer your questions.
  • Use our chat feature - click on the corner of your screen and speak to us online.
  • Request a service online - you can request a service online by filling out our online form.
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